Welcome to “Passion of Indonesia”

We are a non-religious charity group located In Indonesia.
The focus of our project is to help the people (Children and old people) who live in the slums around Indonesia, to help them have a good education (for the children), health care, and support them to have their daily food, and give our best to help them to survive each and every day.

So far we have 3 kind of projects:

  1. The Poor Children who live around the slums area In Jakarta (RoeTi/Roemah Hati)
  2. The Old people who are not able to do much work, and some of them already to old and have a sickness , who also live in The slums area, and the side of the rail road (for now we focusing on “Duku Atas, Jakarta)
  3. This last one is our other project, to go to other city or island around Indonesia, who need help, and live very poor around Indonesia. for this project we only can do it once or twice a year.

We start this charity group from 7 years a go, when we saw there is a lot of poor kids, who lives around the slums area in Roxy, Jakarta. They live on the side of rail roads. They have a great spirit to learn and study, so we try to encourage our friends to help by giving them our time to give them an extra study, for their knowledge, and especially to build their moral so they can be motivated to change their life to get a better life in their future, because we know near that area are using for the prostitution, and have a highly criminality.

Sometimes we do the charity with the help of our sponsors, and also our from our own (group member), as not all the time we get help to donate this charity.

At the same time we started also to do another charity project for the elders around “Duku Atas” area, where old people, who doesn’t have the ability to work also struggling with their daily life day after day, and some of them are also sick with no one to tend for them.

We know that our government try and do their best to give the help, to people in need, but we also know that since our country are a big country and population, some area are left from their care. So we just do this act of charity as our Initiative , to help our people.

We have a big dreams, to make an orphanage, a shuttle house, so they can live in a proper place, and get a good care for them. We  believe that nothing is impossible, as long as we put our heart and our effort, and keep working on our dreams.

We all have parents, we know how it feels to be children, we know when we are a still a child, we have so many wish, and dreams, books to read, food for the development of health and so many curiosity of knowledge that we wanted to know, a lot of things, we only can imagine how they feel. Imagine if we are their parents who have to live on the side of the rail roads, struggling for their needs.

And here we are, a small group of people who care for their dreams and hopes.
Passion of Indonesia.


POI Team with the children and people from RoTi Project

POI Team with the children and people from RoTi Project

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